Creative writing from Patterson’s Fathom Magazine

This year, Patterson students have been writing original narratives, poems, and personal essays in both our Creative Writing Club and our Creative Writing Class. Their hard work is being collected and shared both on our online literary magazine ( and, now, here in the Patterson Press. If you would like to know more about how to participate in either the class or the club, see Mr. Ritter in room 352. Enjoy reading and keep an eye out for the first print edition of Fathom, our school’s literary magazine, by the end of 2023.

“When I’m 18, I’m Gone” by Fanie Tenezaca-Montesdeoca

“When I’m 18, I’m gone”. I remember getting my brother mentally ready for me to leave when I turned 18, telling him what he would have to do if my dad had one of his anger issue attacks and put a hand on him, how to manipulate him in order to survive living in hell, how to put up with all the bull**** in order to not give up. I would show him my ways and share my experiences to make it easier on him because I’ve been through hell and back.

Growing up with divorced parents was hard. Picking what holiday I would spend with my dad and which ones with my mom, or even which parent I would take if there was a parent conference or graduation. Not only that, having to raise my brother was harder. It’s nothing I regret but while I saw little girls playing outside with their dolls and enjoying their time, I was inside making milk bottles for my brother. I always wanted to be that girl who looked so happy, looked like she was loved and was just enjoying her childhood. There was a time where I created a hate toward my parents because of everything they couldn’t give me and for taking my childhood away from me.

My dad was the selfish one. Yes, he brought food to the table but he never took the time to sit down and talk to me. He never told me how proud he was of me. He would always criticize, looking for every chance to tell me that I wasn’t good enough, that I would never make it. My mom is a very loving person but a very insecure person. She was so insecure that she also always pointed out my flaws. My mother created my insecurities: my nose, my stomach, my weight. I wasn’t good enough for her either. My mom was the cook which meant she would give the other kids good meals but I was on a strict diet that she created. Sometimes I didn’t’ even eat. I would spend hours looking at myself in the mirror, crying because I felt like I wasn’t enough, asking myself if I looked differently would my mother love me and not compare me to my cousins. She wanted me to be a perfect young woman that knew how to cook and clean. She was preparing me to be a good wife for a man and be ready for marriage. She always said that my husband should never touch anything in the kitchen because that was our job as women.

I thought a parent was supposed to support you, have your back, motivate you. Well mine did the opposite. They unmotivated me and created a thought in my head that I wasn’t good enough to go to college. The biggest dream I had of going to college was crushed for a time because of them. I always dreamed of going to college. It was something that I knew I wanted to do and it would be my biggest accomplishment. It would prove that even if I went through hell I could become something without anyone’s help. My mindset has changed through the years and struggles. I’ve become better and know my worth. I know what I want and I know that I can accomplish it. My mentality has grown a lot and slowly the thought of, “When I’m 18, I’m gone” has also changed. I realize that I have overcome so many negative lessons and that every lesson made me a Strong Independent Woman. I know I am enough. I know that I will accomplish all my dreams.

“?” by Anonymous

My being is not worthy of love

It is a vessel of melancholic music

Feelings that are unexplained

And no light in its darkness

There is no one to explain to

No one to understand

It is just I

Sitting in the depths 

Of my own mind

Watching through my eyes

As I think of the things

But my mouth utters differently

But there’s no reason to hear my truth

So I keep living this life

As a passenger.

Untitled by Anonymous 

You already know, you are my best friend.

The morning will come again, No darkness and no season is eternal.

Maybe it’s the cherry blossoms and this winter will end. 

I miss you.

I miss you.

Wait a bit, just a couple more nights.

I’ll be there with you

I’ll come for you. 

Through the edge of cold winter until the days of spring come,

until the days come when the flowers bloom. 

Please stay, please stay here a little longer.

“Jenni’s Cry” by Anonymous

Jenni’s cry

Jenni shakes her dignity, sobs until tears run down her cheeks, and

The breaking of waves in the distance and the waking of birds are the only other sounds.

She has beautiful kids, A beautiful house, and deep dignity, but she must keep her word, and she won’t sleep until then.

She was lying in bed, weeping how her husband took her confidence and her dignity.

She got up from her dreadful bed, her mind was full of sad thoughts, and she worshiped death.

Prepare for the new day with endless anxiety and the thought of her husband coming home. 

“Untitled” by Mula 

In the depths of the ocean blue, where light is scarce and darkness true

Lies a world both eerie & grand 

Mysterious, untouched by man’s hand 

Down below where creatures roam

In fathoms deep, far from home

Whispers echo through the waves 

As mermaids sing & sea monsters play 

The pressure builds, the current swirls 

As schools of fish in unison twirl

And coral reefs like castles stand 

Guarding secrets of this underwater land 

A world of wonder yet so unknown 

Where the mighty whales make their throne 

And ancient creatures lurk below 

In the fathoms deep, where few dare go 

So if you ever find yourself at sea 

And hear a call from the deep blue sea 

Remember there’s a world down there 

In the fathomless depths, beyond compare.

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