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Patterson Wins 31 Matches in 2023 Chess Nationals Tournament 

By Hailey Shifflet

Chess Nationals is a big thing for students throughout the country, ranging from kindergarteners to 12th graders. Chess Nationals can take place anywhere in the country, the 2022 tournament took place in Memphis, Tennessee, but this year was close to home, Washington DC at the Washington Hilton Hotel. The Chess team, led by Mr. Baron and Mr. Tola, brought 11 students with them: DeShown Streater, D’Andre Murray, Jauan Bennett, Coenia Sanchez, Alexandra Artiga, Hailey Shifflett, Julian Shifflett, Abel Kahsay, Aseel Alradaei, Brandon Lopez-Piedrasanta, and Kevin Lagoom.  

The tournament had a total of 7 matches spanning over a period of 3 days, from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April. The competition had over 1700+ people join to compete. On the first day of the tournament you play the first two days, the 1st you play 3 games, then play the remaining two games on the 2nd. After all of the games are completed, we had some downtime until the award ceremony started. The Patterson Chess team had a total of 31 wins. The team was split into two separate sections, unrated and U800 (under 800). Because of the scores, The unrated players were ranked 35th out of 67 teams and they played against 407 players. The unrated players ranked 17th place out of 40 and played against 233 other players. 

The Chess team was able to gain new experiences and grow their ability to play chess. They learned from their mistakes in game playing and were even able to meet grandmasters (high-ranked chess players), develop new chess techniques, and experience new things such as food or places. While Patterson didn’t win any trophies, the entire experience was positive and we all grew from it. 

We also would like to give a special thanks to all the teachers that supported the chess team and helped us even get to Nationals in first place. We also like to thank the Principal Mrs. Myrick who even came to support us at Nationals. And most importantly, we like to thank Mr. Baron and Mr. Tola. Without them, we wouldn’t have a chess team and certainly wouldn’t have been able to go Nationals. 

New Student Group Working Towards Positive Change

By Sierra Skaggs

As many readers may know, in the beginning of March we lost a fellow student due to gun violence. As a response to that tragedy, a group of students here at Patterson decided to form a group called Catalyst for Change.

The Patterson Press interviewed Christina Johnson, a senior who is a member of Catalyst for Change. At the time that we interviewed Johnson, there were 6 members in the group, but that number may have increased since then.

The students had a specific goal that they wanted to achieve when they created Catalyst for Change. 

“We created the group so students can have a voice, they can voice their problems, opinions, and be heard, and to show the cultural diversity of Patterson, and make a difference.”, explains Johnson.

According to Johnson, the group has consensus-based process for making decisions.

“We voice our concerns about the school and we come up with different ideas, brainstorming, and we each come up with a mutual agreement.” 

Catalyst for Change held a Culture Day event on April 27 to celebrate the cultural diversity of Patterson High School, which is the most diverse high school in Baltimore City. Principal Myrick called the event “phenomenal” and expressed her appreciation for the student organizers who “have been working consistently for six weeks to put their vision into reality”.

Many students and staff members are hopeful that Catalyst for Change will continue to be a force for positive transformation at Patterson next school year.

Swim Team wins 2nd place in City Championships

By Coach Mahoney

We did it Again! Back to Back! The Patterson swim team came in second place in the Baltimore City Swimming Championships.

This was a tremendous year for the team. The new school building did not have a swimming pool built into it. Coach Mahoney did everything she could to keep the Varsity sport here at Patterson High School. She discussed a plan with LA Fitness on Eastern Avenue for the team to use their facilities during practice sessions. The pool does not have a deep end, so the team practices starts when we show up early at the Swim Meets. The pool does offer three practice lanes, which has been very beneficial. We also have a new second Coach, Ms. Blum, who came from a different school and brought her expertise to help the team.

The members of the team were very hardworking and willing to learn all the new strokes. The team showed tremendous improvement each meet. What a fantastic season!

The following students were the members of the Swim Team:

Kisaiah Brown                                                                                          

Jeter Luna                                                                             

Carlos Taveras                                                                 

Ryan Tudor                                                                           

Anthony Waters                                                                   

Ronald Duran Portillo

Felipe Colato

Franklin Diaz

Andy Alvarez Nolasco

William/Nasiah Hamrick

Lena Stavrou 

Ayanna Jenskins

Marina Olvera

Kira Kerins

Bianca Cruz

Patterson Goes Snowboarding with CHILL

By Coach Mahoney

The Snowboarding program Patterson attended this year is called Chill. We received this wonderful grant and opportunity again. The mission of Chill is to inspire youth to overcome challenges through board sports. Chill does this by organizing and running snowboard, skateboard, surfing, and stand up paddleboarding programs, pairing the fun, challenge, and experience of learning to ride a board with core values that cross over into everyday life. Each week students learn a new theme and practice with a Liberty Ski Instructor. The program lasts for six Tuesday evenings.

Revolving around a core value-driven curriculum, Chill programs consist of experiential learning activities, reflection, and discussion, paired with board sport lessons. Chill’s six core values (Respect, Courage, Patience, Persistence, Responsibility, and Pride) provide youth with a foundation and framework for learning and growth, supported and enhanced through progression in board sports skills and adult mentorship. Chill strives to remove barriers to accessing board sports by providing youth with everything they need to get after it, at absolutely no cost. New skills gained through board sport progression and core-value exploration are then directly applied to everyday life, challenging youth to step out of their comfort zone – both on and off their boards.

Ride, Inspire, and Lead has been the cornerstone of Chill’s positive youth development programs since inception in 1995. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sliding on a board in the snow, sharing stories and excitement with friends on the lift, and succeeding at your first turns. Even more importantly, there’s nothing quite like the moment when you realize you’re capable of a lot more than you imagined, and that’s why snowboarding is so perfectly aligned to aid in self-empowerment and growth.

Creative writing from Patterson’s Fathom Magazine

This year, Patterson students have been writing original narratives, poems, and personal essays in both our Creative Writing Club and our Creative Writing Class. Their hard work is being collected and shared both on our online literary magazine ( and, now, here in the Patterson Press. If you would like to know more about how to participate in either the class or the club, see Mr. Ritter in room 352. Enjoy reading and keep an eye out for the first print edition of Fathom, our school’s literary magazine, by the end of 2023.

“When I’m 18, I’m Gone” by Fanie Tenezaca-Montesdeoca

“When I’m 18, I’m gone”. I remember getting my brother mentally ready for me to leave when I turned 18, telling him what he would have to do if my dad had one of his anger issue attacks and put a hand on him, how to manipulate him in order to survive living in hell, how to put up with all the bull**** in order to not give up. I would show him my ways and share my experiences to make it easier on him because I’ve been through hell and back.

Growing up with divorced parents was hard. Picking what holiday I would spend with my dad and which ones with my mom, or even which parent I would take if there was a parent conference or graduation. Not only that, having to raise my brother was harder. It’s nothing I regret but while I saw little girls playing outside with their dolls and enjoying their time, I was inside making milk bottles for my brother. I always wanted to be that girl who looked so happy, looked like she was loved and was just enjoying her childhood. There was a time where I created a hate toward my parents because of everything they couldn’t give me and for taking my childhood away from me.

My dad was the selfish one. Yes, he brought food to the table but he never took the time to sit down and talk to me. He never told me how proud he was of me. He would always criticize, looking for every chance to tell me that I wasn’t good enough, that I would never make it. My mom is a very loving person but a very insecure person. She was so insecure that she also always pointed out my flaws. My mother created my insecurities: my nose, my stomach, my weight. I wasn’t good enough for her either. My mom was the cook which meant she would give the other kids good meals but I was on a strict diet that she created. Sometimes I didn’t’ even eat. I would spend hours looking at myself in the mirror, crying because I felt like I wasn’t enough, asking myself if I looked differently would my mother love me and not compare me to my cousins. She wanted me to be a perfect young woman that knew how to cook and clean. She was preparing me to be a good wife for a man and be ready for marriage. She always said that my husband should never touch anything in the kitchen because that was our job as women.

I thought a parent was supposed to support you, have your back, motivate you. Well mine did the opposite. They unmotivated me and created a thought in my head that I wasn’t good enough to go to college. The biggest dream I had of going to college was crushed for a time because of them. I always dreamed of going to college. It was something that I knew I wanted to do and it would be my biggest accomplishment. It would prove that even if I went through hell I could become something without anyone’s help. My mindset has changed through the years and struggles. I’ve become better and know my worth. I know what I want and I know that I can accomplish it. My mentality has grown a lot and slowly the thought of, “When I’m 18, I’m gone” has also changed. I realize that I have overcome so many negative lessons and that every lesson made me a Strong Independent Woman. I know I am enough. I know that I will accomplish all my dreams.

“?” by Anonymous

My being is not worthy of love

It is a vessel of melancholic music

Feelings that are unexplained

And no light in its darkness

There is no one to explain to

No one to understand

It is just I

Sitting in the depths 

Of my own mind

Watching through my eyes

As I think of the things

But my mouth utters differently

But there’s no reason to hear my truth

So I keep living this life

As a passenger.

Untitled by Anonymous 

You already know, you are my best friend.

The morning will come again, No darkness and no season is eternal.

Maybe it’s the cherry blossoms and this winter will end. 

I miss you.

I miss you.

Wait a bit, just a couple more nights.

I’ll be there with you

I’ll come for you. 

Through the edge of cold winter until the days of spring come,

until the days come when the flowers bloom. 

Please stay, please stay here a little longer.

“Jenni’s Cry” by Anonymous

Jenni’s cry

Jenni shakes her dignity, sobs until tears run down her cheeks, and

The breaking of waves in the distance and the waking of birds are the only other sounds.

She has beautiful kids, A beautiful house, and deep dignity, but she must keep her word, and she won’t sleep until then.

She was lying in bed, weeping how her husband took her confidence and her dignity.

She got up from her dreadful bed, her mind was full of sad thoughts, and she worshiped death.

Prepare for the new day with endless anxiety and the thought of her husband coming home. 

“Untitled” by Mula 

In the depths of the ocean blue, where light is scarce and darkness true

Lies a world both eerie & grand 

Mysterious, untouched by man’s hand 

Down below where creatures roam

In fathoms deep, far from home

Whispers echo through the waves 

As mermaids sing & sea monsters play 

The pressure builds, the current swirls 

As schools of fish in unison twirl

And coral reefs like castles stand 

Guarding secrets of this underwater land 

A world of wonder yet so unknown 

Where the mighty whales make their throne 

And ancient creatures lurk below 

In the fathoms deep, where few dare go 

So if you ever find yourself at sea 

And hear a call from the deep blue sea 

Remember there’s a world down there 

In the fathomless depths, beyond compare.

Drama Club performs unique adaptation of Snow White

By Deontay Blackwell

The Patterson High School Drama Club, led by Mrs. Ritter, portrayed the story of Snow White on its opening night on April 27 at 7 PM. Mrs. Ritter, the cast, and the stage crew all worked hard over the 3 months of rehearsing. In between times of rehearsing the people behind making props were people from different classes of the art teachers and outside help. Beforehand Patterson had no costume for the play and Mrs. Ritter had to make and buy costumes but with the school help and money coming out of her own pocket to make this incredible play happen. Overall, the people behind the play were mostly Freshmen and Sophomores along with some Juniors and Seniors. For many, it may have been their first time performing in or assisting with a play.

The main character in the play, Snow White, was played by Jazzy Blessett–a sophomore. This play featured a different portrayal of the story of Snow White than the Disney version most people are more familiar with, with comedic aspects ranging from sarcastic new lines to recreating a popular dance from the platform TikTok. With a different portrayal of the story, there comes a new perspective focusing on the Evil Queen from the story with the leading actor Jenny Beanszsz  giving an outstanding performance of this version of the character. A new character not seen in the original was the dancing chicken, a best friend of Snow White played by Salome Birindwa with the stunning costume and eventfully doing a popular dance on Tik Tok, usually to the music “Her Way” with Snow White. The play itself came in two acts with an intermission for selling snacks and drinks with the money from that and the ticket sales to put into future projects next year. 

All of this could not have been possible without the director Mrs. Ritter and Ms. Weygant as co-director both working hard on ensuring that the acting and the technical aspects of the play all went smoothly for the second ever play in the new building. There was an encore performance of the play the following night, which was also a big success. A special thanks to the crew members who were working backstage and the people in the sound booth keeping the lights on this play.

Shout out to the cast:

  • Salome Birindwa (ACTRESS 2/DANCING CHICKEN)
  • Jayzanay Blessett (SNOW WHITE)
  • Re’Mya Spence (ACTOR 1, TREE #1/KING/TEACH)
  • Maiyia Oliver (ACTOR 2, MIRROR, GROUCHY)
  • Nalia Jenkins (GESUNDHEIT)

And the crew:

  • Araya Brinkley (RUNCREW)
  • Estrella Cardenas (RUNCREW/PROPMASTER)
  • Kaleif Mumford (RUNCREW/PROPMASTER)

Patterson celebrates Culture Day

by Thayer Oosterman

Patterson High School celebrated Culture Day on On Thursday, April 27, from 4:00 to 6:30 PM. There were many cultural expressions, with food and music from many cultures around the world. They had Latin American, African, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern food. Musicians were playing Latin and West African music. During the playing of the West African music, there was dancing, where people would be in a circle and would go and dance in the circle.

After the music, they gave out food with a lot of delicious food items, like Jamaican rice and beans, Syrian shawarmas and Tandoori food, Libyan kebabs, and many other tasty foods from a variety of cultures. They also had a thick, sweet drink and lemon tea. 

Near the end of the culture event they had a Kahoot game about the flags of the world, with many students and teachers and Principal Myrick playing. The Kahoot game went from 6:15 until around 6:30. After the Kahoot game and the end of the event, many students helped with the clean up or went to wait for the start of the play that was also taking place that night.

Culture Day was organized by a new student organization called Catalyst for Change. This was the group’s first big event and it was a huge success.

Track season recap

By Coach Smith

Patterson’s 2023 Outdoor Track & Field season was marked by outstanding relays, a superstar sophomore, and the hardest working distance runner in the city of Baltimore.

Patterson’s 4 x 100 meter relay team of Joel Jackson, Romero Ison, Nicholas Carter, and Mekhi Dukes won 2nd place in their heat at Penn Relays and qualified for nationals. The same quartet ran the 4 x 200 meter relay team and earned 2nd place in regionals (and qualified for states and nationals with their time).  Superstar sophomore sprinter Romero Ison won the 100 and 200 meters at regionals (breaking the school record in the 200 meters and qualifying to run both in nationals). Our distance contingent was led by 3200 meter silver medalist Humed Nura, who also set school records in the 1600 and 800 meters. Jauan Bennett won the regionals in the shot put and broke a school record in the process.  The future looks bright with outstanding freshmen sprinters Marquise Brown, Aaden Hopkins, Jamie Rucker, and Rancel Corporan Lagombra.

The girls team was marked by outstanding relays as well.  The girls 4 x 800 relay team of Janae Mack, Najah White, Quintine Nterere, and Ahmawanyah Lewis earned 2nd place in regionals (breaking the school record in the process).  Additionally, many girls’ track & field records were broken this season. Najah White broke the school record in both the mile and the 2 mile.  Nyijae Tibbs broke the school  record in the discus throw.

Patterson’s 2023 Indoor Track & Field Season was also marked by an outstanding relay and record breaking distance runners.  The girls 4 x 800 meter relay team of Janae Mack, Danait Gebru, Najah White, and Ahmawanyah Lewis came in 2nd  in regionals and qualified for the state championships.  Humed Nura broke school records in the mile and 2 mile, while earning silver medals in both at Baltimore City Championships and also qualifying for state championships.  Najah White broke school record in both the mile and 2 mile and is only a freshman.

Varsity Boy’s Basketball team narrowly loses to Woodlawn

By Deshown Streater

On January 24th, the boys basketball team won a game and it happened to be their coach’s birthday. Happy belated Coach. Our boys’ basketball team, led by senior guard Dawon Williams led our Clippers to a crazy game against number 2 ranked Edmondson High School.

Our Clippers did not disappoint, beating the Red Storm and officially knocking out any doubt of Patterson’s skill. Heading into the playoffs, Patterson faced off against Woodlawn High in an action-packed game with a Clippers packed house. The pressure was on.

The game was an even game all the way down to the final seconds with a nearly tied score of 49-51. Coach Baseline chose glory, and backed by the entire Clippers gym, chose to go for 3 to win it all, a final shot that would decide who would go home and who would advance to the next round. Junior Delvis Nunez took the heavily contested 3-point shot but sadly could not hit it, ending the Clippers’ season but with promises from Coach Baseline that next season will be different. I have no doubt our Clippers will have an undefeated season next year.

(Photos are of Varsity and JV teams from several different games)

Clippers fall to Hereford in football showdown

By DeShown Streater

Our Patterson Clippers football team, led by Quarterback Nickolas Carter, finished its season with a heartbreaking defeat at the hand of Hereford High School. Despite the end score, the game was a showcase of all Patterson’s skilled superstars, with senior Deshown Streater putting Patterson on the board first, quickly followed by Senior Mehkhi Dukes who also rushed for over 200 yards in that single playoff game. However, our Clippers were defeated 33-52 to end yet another action-packed football season. 

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