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Patterson Wins 31 Matches in 2023 Chess Nationals Tournament 

By Hailey Shifflet

Chess Nationals is a big thing for students throughout the country, ranging from kindergarteners to 12th graders. Chess Nationals can take place anywhere in the country, the 2022 tournament took place in Memphis, Tennessee, but this year was close to home, Washington DC at the Washington Hilton Hotel. The Chess team, led by Mr. Baron and Mr. Tola, brought 11 students with them: DeShown Streater, D’Andre Murray, Jauan Bennett, Coenia Sanchez, Alexandra Artiga, Hailey Shifflett, Julian Shifflett, Abel Kahsay, Aseel Alradaei, Brandon Lopez-Piedrasanta, and Kevin Lagoom.  

The tournament had a total of 7 matches spanning over a period of 3 days, from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April. The competition had over 1700+ people join to compete. On the first day of the tournament you play the first two days, the 1st you play 3 games, then play the remaining two games on the 2nd. After all of the games are completed, we had some downtime until the award ceremony started. The Patterson Chess team had a total of 31 wins. The team was split into two separate sections, unrated and U800 (under 800). Because of the scores, The unrated players were ranked 35th out of 67 teams and they played against 407 players. The unrated players ranked 17th place out of 40 and played against 233 other players. 

The Chess team was able to gain new experiences and grow their ability to play chess. They learned from their mistakes in game playing and were even able to meet grandmasters (high-ranked chess players), develop new chess techniques, and experience new things such as food or places. While Patterson didn’t win any trophies, the entire experience was positive and we all grew from it. 

We also would like to give a special thanks to all the teachers that supported the chess team and helped us even get to Nationals in first place. We also like to thank the Principal Mrs. Myrick who even came to support us at Nationals. And most importantly, we like to thank Mr. Baron and Mr. Tola. Without them, we wouldn’t have a chess team and certainly wouldn’t have been able to go Nationals. 

Senior awards – CLASS OF 2021

Congratulations to the following graduating seniors who have received awards for their outstanding achievements!

  • Inspiring Student Leader Award: Awarded to the student who has kept a low profile and has toiled behind the scenes to make certain that student programs and organizations are successful. This student has taken the initiative, accepted and carried out responsibility, and completed a task without recognition. 

Winner: Mohamad Al Raghed & Meylin Diaz Hernandez 

  • Student Leadership Award: Awarded to the student who has provided outstanding leadership in activities (such as student government, social services, cultural development, etc.) This person has also been a spokesperson and role model for multicultural students. 

Winner: Meylin Diaz Hernandez 

  • Resilient Student Award: Awarded to the student who has demonstrated initiative, perseverance, and the ability to overcome significant obstacles in attaining his/her degree. This student has improved his/her grade-point average as he/she progresses toward graduation.  

Winner: Mohamad Al Raghed 

  • Artfully Creative Award: Awarded to the students who have displayed imagination and creativity especially in Art, Graphic design, or technological inventions. 

Winner: Khalil Green- Bey & Mnbongya Wilondia 

  • Citizenship Award: Awarded to the students who exemplify superior honor and discipline within the classroom environment. Who has significantly contributed to campus climate and culture! 

Winner: Jernard Roberts; Lucy Hernandez Paz 

  • Excellent Effort Award: Awarded to the students who continue to give extraordinary effort, despite difficulties. The focus of the award is to recognize those students that keep trying their best, no matter what. 

Winner: De’Asia Eberhart 

  • Outstanding Improvement Award: Awarded to the students who have made the most improvement during their high school career and have gone the extra mile to continuously improve all aspects of personal development while encouraging their peers to do the same. 

Winner: De’Asia Eberhart & Edilberto Melara-Erazo 

  • Student of the Year: Awarded to the students who have demonstrated excellence in all of the following areas: leadership, citizenship, academic and/or career, and technical achievement.  This student exemplifies the best of the Class of 2021 and our school community.   

Winners: Meylin Diaz Hernandez & Makhi Jordan 

  • Student of Integrity Award: Awarded to the students with strong ethical and moral principles who take responsibility for their actions and exhibit a fearless commitment to the fundamental values of academic integrity. (Responsibility. Respect.  Fairness. Trustworthiness and Honesty). 

Winner: Solina Abrham 

Top CTE Pathway Awards:  Awarded to the top-performing seniors in each CTE pathway.  These students exhibit a commitment to the fundamental values of Career and Technical Education that prepare them for high-skill, high-demand careers with a depth of learning that builds real-world skills.   (Note: This question is for CTE teachers only!  Please select your top-performing senior for your pathway). 


Graphic communications:       

Mnbongya Xavier Wilondja 

Cosmetic Services:       

Ariell Hayes &   

Meylin Diaz Hernandez 

Pharmacy Tech:       

Dalaa Obaid 

Emergency Medical Technician:       

Jazz Beach 

Accounting & Finance:  

David Pugh &  

Yesli Guerra Valle 

Administrative Services:        

Bosco Bembereza 

Nursing Assistant:       

Eleftheria Kountouratzoglou 

Early Childhood Education/Childcare:        

Azyrria Thompson 

Computer Science:        

Joana Niombo 


Mahki Jordan 

Homeland Security& Emergency Prep/Criminal Justice:   

Jakelin Duran 


Lucy D. Hernandez PAZ 


Demetrius Stokes 

Construction & Development:   

Rodriguez Izaguirre, Jeysel A+ Work Always*************/& 

De’Asia Eberhart – Most Improved 


As we prepare to say goodbye to the Class of 2021, we present the winners of the Senior Superlatives and Teacher Superlatives as voted on by this year’s graduating seniors:

Student Superlatives:

Biggest Flirt:

Nassly Castro
Mario Giron Oyula

Most likely to become a comedian/Class clown/Biggest prankster
Soliana Abrham &
Daquan Adams/Khairee Adams/Taron Blue (three-way tie)

Most Athletic
Kobe Evans
Soliana Abrham

Most likely to succeed
Nassly Castro
Malik Jordan

The most unforgettable
Soliana Abrham/
Khairee Adams

Most Outspoken/Most likely to lead a protest
Khairee Adams/
Maylin Aguilar Reyes

Best Snapchat Stories
Qais Albataineh/
Soliana Abrham

Best entertainer/Best Rapper/Singer
Donta Jeffrey/
Maylin Aguilar Reyes

Most Likely to Become Internet/Instagram famous
Rosmer Ramos Caceres/
Nassly Castro Espana

Most Likely to Come Back to Teach at This School
Solina Abrham/
Daquan Adams

The Class Heart throbs
Nassly Castro Espana & De’asia Eberhart/
Daquan Adams & Kharee adams

Most Likely to be on Catfish
Soliana Abrham/Daquan Adams

Best dressed/Most fashionable. The hallway is their runway!
Khairee Adams/
DeAira Crawford

Most likely to become a famous artist and get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Daquan Adams/
Nassly Castro Espana

Most likely to become a professional athlete
Kobe Evans/
Solina Abrham

Most likely to star in their own reality show
Taron Blue/
Zaire Avery

The Biggest drama king/queen
Daquan Adams
Jasmine Beach

Most likely to brighten up your day
Khairee Adams
Ecupe Waso

Most upbeat attitude/Most spirited
Rosmer Ramos Caceres
Solina Abraham

Teacher Superlatives:

Best Hair:
Chardae Tarver/
Maxwell Alukwu & Nicholas Anderson (Tie)

Mr. Alukwu & Ted Smith (Tie)
Ms. Leilani Jones

Staff member that speaks the most languages:
Yazmine Boumaiz &
Richard Tiras

Most Memorable:
Chardae Tarver &
Mr. Alukwu

Most likely to end up on the News:
Mr. Benton &
Chardae Tarver

Most likely to be late to their own Zoom meeting:
Bomar & Phillips (tie)

Teacher Most likely to be your friend on social media:
Phillips &

Most intimidating:
Alukwu & Benton(tie)/
E.Edwards &Tarver (tie)

Most likely to schedule a zoom just to chat:
Baron & Bomar (tie)

Worst With Technology:

Most Parent-like Teacher:
Colonel York/

Most likely to be Mistaken for a student:

Most Chill:
Leilani Jones

Most likely to win a rap battle:
Ted Smith/
C. Tarver

Most Athletic Teacher:
Leilani Jones/
McCormick & Antoine (tie)

Most likely to be on the Voice/American Idol or the Mask Singer:
Bagdasarian &
Benton/Ted Smith Tie

Most likely to be on a reality Tv show:
Phillips &

Most likely to be a rebel in school:
Alukwu &

Most likely to be the last teacher to leave at the end of the school day:
Alukwu &

Most likely to brighten up your day.
Tarver &

Senior superlatives 2020

The Class of 2020 has had a tough year but they have come through and are excited to graduate and make their mark on the world! Here are the 2020 Patterson High School Senior Superlatives and Teacher Superlatives. Thanks to Ms. Edler, Kirone Anderson, and the rest of the senior class officers for putting together this list. Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Note: There may be some spelling errors which will be corrected eventually but since the citywide graduation ceremony is on June 9th and the Patterson commencement is June 12th, we want to present the winners immediately so as many students and staff members as possible can see them before graduation. The Patterson Press did not create this list.

Patterson students inducted into National Honor Society

By Moses Jeuronlon

Several students at Patterson High School were inducted into the National Honors Society on Dec. 7, 2018. Students brought their parents to watch them and celebrate.

The school had tried to start the program in the past but it was unsuccessful. This school year some students were able to achieve this very difficult feat.

According to Ms. Ericka Edwards, an English teacher at Patterson High and one of the co-advisers of the program, said, “It was long awaited and students deserve that honor.”

The students in the program were chosen based on their academic achievement. According to Ms. Edwards, “GPA, service to school and involvement in activity” are all criteria of being part of the society.

Anta Ndiaye, a student in the National Honors Society, said, “I feel honored and proud of being a member of the National Honor Society.”

Principal Vance Benton and Student Government President John Dingzon each gave a speech to thank the parents and the students and told them to keep up their hard work. Other dignitaries and special guests were also present to honor the students, including City Councilman Zeke Cohen.

The ceremony lasted for half an hour and refreshments were served at the end.


AFJROTC participates in Color Guard competition

By John Dingzon,

On March 10, 2017, Lt. Colonel Jones and Technical Sergeant Smith took the Color Guard units to compete against other high schools in the Baltimore City district. It was a city wide Junior ROTC drill meet. There were sessions for unarmed and armed drill units, as well as unarmed drill sequence regulation, and unarmed drill inspection.

It has been nearly 10 years since the Patterson High School Air Force Junior ROTC competed against other high schools in a drill meet competition. The Color Guard team started practicing from the beginning of the school year. They practiced marching, and learning all of the techniques. The new students started learning the maneuvers, but the Color Guard did not practice hard enough until January 2017.

Lt. Colonel Jones started the selection of students who will be on the events and began the training for the actual competition. The real competition did not start until the month after the event. They all work hard to get prepared for the competition and even, the Color Guard took on new maneuvers and drill sequences.  They worked hard and did a great job, all the way through the finish line.

The ROTC faced the challenged of finding the time, and created the Color Guard team as the extra-curricular or co-curricular activity and did not have consistent attendance, and that’s because many of the students are part of extra-curricular or co-curricular activities, including the varsity athletics.  So they are pulled in different directions. So the biggest challenged this year for the ROTC is for them to come to practice. They had to also use some class time to be able to practice, but this was limited so it did not take away from the academics.

Lt. Col Jones goal was to able to find a time for practice after or before school, so they were not interrupted from their studies. The next event for Junior ROTC is next year again. So anyone who want to can able to participate and also be part of an annual event. It’s also part of Junior ROTC, and what they’re calling the CEO’S Cup, and the Chief Executive Officer for the district. It’s also basically like the Commander-In-Chief’s Trophy with the military academy. So the team who wins more events throughout the year will earn this trophy of ROTC in the units.

There were also individual awards. There’s what they call individual drill or Knockout. It’s basically like Simon says. They give commands and people are ask to dropped out if they do the commands incorrectly or if Simon doesn’t say the commands correctly. Patterson High School ROTC made a great showing, but Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly) won the overall event.

It was a great, fun-filled event. In the city this event will happen again next year. Lt. Col Jones hopes the ROTC will participate more in other categories next year. “This year Baltimore Poly won 1st place in the Color Guard, but I think the other schools know we are the school to be watched for next year,” said Lt. Jones.






Patterson wins state championship

Coach Martin and the basketball team celebrating their State Championship win (Photo: Patterson High School)

By Christian Pietrowski

and Lionell Green

Patterson’s varsity boys basketball team defeated Century High School on March 11th in the Division 2A State Championship. It was a hard-fought game and our own Patterson Clippers came out strong with the win. With a final score of 49-43, the Clippers finish the season with the 2A championship title.

The whole season has been hard but the Clippers fought their way through and put their heart into the game to win the championship. Century High School was winning with six minutes to go until Patterson stepped up their game up to win the State Championship.

“You come down here and they don’t give away state championships,” Coach Martin said. “It’s not easy. You have to battle and fight. We battled and did enough.”

The Patterson basketball team made nine free throws in the last 1:38 to secure the title and Gerard Mungo hit six of them.

Darrion Pitts, a Junior on the basketball team said ” It felt amazing to win the State Championship. Its great to be known as a person that won. The hard work, practices and close games [all paid off].”

Pitts described how the team felt during the game. “Every game we took it step by step, getting inches closer to it and when we where playing the game, looking at the scoreboard every time making sure we had the lead was like [having] a heart attack. When the clock struck zero, joy, happiness and excitement just spread to the floor. Getting that gold medal, taking the picture with my team, holding up the state title, is a memory and forever will be a memory.”

Always put your heart into everything you do. That’s what the Patterson basketball team did to win the State Championship.

The team roster consists of

#        Name                   Position   Grade

1 Daesean Jones Guard So.
2 Harrison Brandon Guard Sr.
3 Marvin Price (C) Guard So.
5 Gerard Mungo Guard So.
12 John Thomas Guard Sr.
15 Rico Lang Forward Fr.
20 Byron Easter Wing So.
23 Christion Adams Forward Sr.
24 Isaiah Clemons (C) Guard Sr.
30 Darrion Pitts Forward Jr.


Ms. Ball Wins “Teachers are Heroes” Award

Ms. Ball, winner of ABC2 Teacher Hero award (Photo: John Dingzon, Patterson Press)

Ms. Ball, winner of ABC2 Teacher Hero award (Photo: Amadou Bah, Patterson Press)

By John Dingzon,

This year’s nominee of Teachers are Heroes was Ms. Sharon Ball. She was nominated by her colleague Mr. Nicolas Yates. Ms. Ball used to be an Engineer; now she’s a teacher at Patterson High school. She teaches Engineering classes, coaches Robotics, and mentors students in STEM programs.

She won the award of Teachers are Heroes, sponsored by MEW & ABC 2 News. Ms. Ball said when she found out she won, “I was surprised and excited.”

Ms. Ball would like to thank her colleague Mr. Yates for getting nominated so she could receive the award of Teachers are Heroes.


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