Patterson teachers sacrifice their personal time to support students

By Ekei Obu, Editor-in-chief

Patterson High School is known to be one of the most diverse schools in Baltimore City. The school also offers a lot of after-school activities and different interests in extracurricular activities during and after school hours as well. 

I interviewed a couple of teachers to hear about their sacrifice for the school and why they are so dedicated to the school. All the teachers had one thing in common: they all sacrificed their time for the school and the students. 

Mrs. Torregoza believes that students and young people deserve a bright future. She said, “Students here can decide what they want to be and I believe that there should be people to guide them, and I want to be one of those people.” 

Mrs. T said, “I have faith in the students,” and that’s why she gives up her time after school regardless of not getting paid for the time. Mrs. T expressed her sadness about the students not taking advantage of the resources the school provides because she understands that in other places students don’t have the opportunity and resources for education.

Most teachers go as far as decorating their classrooms to provide a serene environment for their students. Some teachers even provide different options for snacks in their classes. Most teachers I’ve interviewed give up personal time to attend games, musical performances, and other activities because they want to show their support to their students.

Mr. Michael McCormick, better known to his students as “Mr. Mike”, explained that “people don’t become teachers for the salary; it’s a calling,”

Mr. Mike is one of the many teachers that provide not only a safe space for students but also emotional support and snacks. “I believe my unidentified role in Patterson is to provide a safe space. A space where students feel welcomed, safe, and empowered to be their authentic selves. I believe that when students are in a safe environment it allows them to be their greater self,” Mr. Mike said.

Teachers and school staff sometimes stay at school late into the evening, planning and preparing, and in many cases they’re not paid for it. 

Biology teacher, Mr. Antoine, believes that it is his job to build a bridge for students so they don’t have to start from scratch to achieve their goals in life. To prepare for last year’s winter holiday show, teachers spent several days planning and setting up. 

Teachers at Patterson are so passionate about their jobs despite some students’ negative attitudes toward them because they simply want the best for the students. 

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