Patterson raises money for hurricane victims

By Sierra Skaggs

Patterson High School held a water drive to raise money to buy water for hurricane victims in Jackson, Mississippi. The water drive started in late September/beginning of October and was originally supposed to end on the 28th of October, but it was later extended into November. In the end, the school raised $1,000.00.

Assistant Principal Ms. Berkeley was in charge of the water drive. 

“I wish that we could help everybody. But we chose Jackson because they were hit first.”, explained Ms. Berkeley.

“We had as a group decided on Jackson. And I felt like we needed to keep our word when we said we were going to support Jackson because the other areas were impacted but it did not take away Jackson’s need. Jackson still needed help and I wish we had money to do Florida and all of the islands that were also affected. But we wanted to keep our word since we said we were going to support Jackson.”

Ms. Berkeley explained that the money was going to a business that will deliver the water for them. She continued to explain that the water was expensive to deliver because of how heavy it is, and so instead of shipping the water from Baltimore, we are sending the money to a business in Jackson, Mississippi, that will deliver the water locally to people in need.

Students who helped raise money for the water drive could also earn service learning hours.

“There was no a maximum number [of service learning hours]. We wanted students to reach out to their families, reach out to the community, to their churches, to their neighbors, anyone that they would make aware of this situation, and donate to the cause. So if students were diligent enough to the outreach, we certainty want to reward them for being diligent and committing to the cause.” 

Since students were engaged in this outreach, the rewards that they got were 5 service hours for each 5 dollar case that they donated. For example, if a student donated 5 cases of water, they would receive 25 service hours.

“We were trying to do enough pallets of water that would fill a tractor trailer truck because we recognized that the need is great. If you think about all the needs for water, trying to do dishes, or trying to take a bath, or wash yourself, or your pet… There are so many needs for water. For cooking, washing your hair, and you can’t use the water there, so we wanted to make a great impact, so we wanted to do a tractor trailer load of water.”

Ms. Berkeley explained how much water they wanted to donate and why. She also explained the needs of water and how important water is.

Patterson High School hosted a cohort meeting on October 27th to decide if they wanted to continue the water drive. The students agreed to continue the water drive to help raise more money, so they extended the water drive for 2 more weeks.

“The fundraiser was supposed to end on the 28th of October, but yesterday during the cohort meeting, we asked students that have not had a chance to contribute to the cause, if they wanted to continue, and a lot of students said yes. So we are extending for another 2 weeks.” 

The water drive was an amazing way for students to show that they care about the needs of other people. It was also an amazing way for students to show their Patterson Pride. GO CLIPPERS! 

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