As we prepare to say goodbye to the Class of 2021, we present the winners of the Senior Superlatives and Teacher Superlatives as voted on by this year’s graduating seniors:

Student Superlatives:

Biggest Flirt:

Nassly Castro
Mario Giron Oyula

Most likely to become a comedian/Class clown/Biggest prankster
Soliana Abrham &
Daquan Adams/Khairee Adams/Taron Blue (three-way tie)

Most Athletic
Kobe Evans
Soliana Abrham

Most likely to succeed
Nassly Castro
Malik Jordan

The most unforgettable
Soliana Abrham/
Khairee Adams

Most Outspoken/Most likely to lead a protest
Khairee Adams/
Maylin Aguilar Reyes

Best Snapchat Stories
Qais Albataineh/
Soliana Abrham

Best entertainer/Best Rapper/Singer
Donta Jeffrey/
Maylin Aguilar Reyes

Most Likely to Become Internet/Instagram famous
Rosmer Ramos Caceres/
Nassly Castro Espana

Most Likely to Come Back to Teach at This School
Solina Abrham/
Daquan Adams

The Class Heart throbs
Nassly Castro Espana & De’asia Eberhart/
Daquan Adams & Kharee adams

Most Likely to be on Catfish
Soliana Abrham/Daquan Adams

Best dressed/Most fashionable. The hallway is their runway!
Khairee Adams/
DeAira Crawford

Most likely to become a famous artist and get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Daquan Adams/
Nassly Castro Espana

Most likely to become a professional athlete
Kobe Evans/
Solina Abrham

Most likely to star in their own reality show
Taron Blue/
Zaire Avery

The Biggest drama king/queen
Daquan Adams
Jasmine Beach

Most likely to brighten up your day
Khairee Adams
Ecupe Waso

Most upbeat attitude/Most spirited
Rosmer Ramos Caceres
Solina Abraham

Teacher Superlatives:

Best Hair:
Chardae Tarver/
Maxwell Alukwu & Nicholas Anderson (Tie)

Mr. Alukwu & Ted Smith (Tie)
Ms. Leilani Jones

Staff member that speaks the most languages:
Yazmine Boumaiz &
Richard Tiras

Most Memorable:
Chardae Tarver &
Mr. Alukwu

Most likely to end up on the News:
Mr. Benton &
Chardae Tarver

Most likely to be late to their own Zoom meeting:
Bomar & Phillips (tie)

Teacher Most likely to be your friend on social media:
Phillips &

Most intimidating:
Alukwu & Benton(tie)/
E.Edwards &Tarver (tie)

Most likely to schedule a zoom just to chat:
Baron & Bomar (tie)

Worst With Technology:

Most Parent-like Teacher:
Colonel York/

Most likely to be Mistaken for a student:

Most Chill:
Leilani Jones

Most likely to win a rap battle:
Ted Smith/
C. Tarver

Most Athletic Teacher:
Leilani Jones/
McCormick & Antoine (tie)

Most likely to be on the Voice/American Idol or the Mask Singer:
Bagdasarian &
Benton/Ted Smith Tie

Most likely to be on a reality Tv show:
Phillips &

Most likely to be a rebel in school:
Alukwu &

Most likely to be the last teacher to leave at the end of the school day:
Alukwu &

Most likely to brighten up your day.
Tarver &

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