Senior awards – CLASS OF 2021

Congratulations to the following graduating seniors who have received awards for their outstanding achievements!

  • Inspiring Student Leader Award: Awarded to the student who has kept a low profile and has toiled behind the scenes to make certain that student programs and organizations are successful. This student has taken the initiative, accepted and carried out responsibility, and completed a task without recognition. 

Winner: Mohamad Al Raghed & Meylin Diaz Hernandez 

  • Student Leadership Award: Awarded to the student who has provided outstanding leadership in activities (such as student government, social services, cultural development, etc.) This person has also been a spokesperson and role model for multicultural students. 

Winner: Meylin Diaz Hernandez 

  • Resilient Student Award: Awarded to the student who has demonstrated initiative, perseverance, and the ability to overcome significant obstacles in attaining his/her degree. This student has improved his/her grade-point average as he/she progresses toward graduation.  

Winner: Mohamad Al Raghed 

  • Artfully Creative Award: Awarded to the students who have displayed imagination and creativity especially in Art, Graphic design, or technological inventions. 

Winner: Khalil Green- Bey & Mnbongya Wilondia 

  • Citizenship Award: Awarded to the students who exemplify superior honor and discipline within the classroom environment. Who has significantly contributed to campus climate and culture! 

Winner: Jernard Roberts; Lucy Hernandez Paz 

  • Excellent Effort Award: Awarded to the students who continue to give extraordinary effort, despite difficulties. The focus of the award is to recognize those students that keep trying their best, no matter what. 

Winner: De’Asia Eberhart 

  • Outstanding Improvement Award: Awarded to the students who have made the most improvement during their high school career and have gone the extra mile to continuously improve all aspects of personal development while encouraging their peers to do the same. 

Winner: De’Asia Eberhart & Edilberto Melara-Erazo 

  • Student of the Year: Awarded to the students who have demonstrated excellence in all of the following areas: leadership, citizenship, academic and/or career, and technical achievement.  This student exemplifies the best of the Class of 2021 and our school community.   

Winners: Meylin Diaz Hernandez & Makhi Jordan 

  • Student of Integrity Award: Awarded to the students with strong ethical and moral principles who take responsibility for their actions and exhibit a fearless commitment to the fundamental values of academic integrity. (Responsibility. Respect.  Fairness. Trustworthiness and Honesty). 

Winner: Solina Abrham 

Top CTE Pathway Awards:  Awarded to the top-performing seniors in each CTE pathway.  These students exhibit a commitment to the fundamental values of Career and Technical Education that prepare them for high-skill, high-demand careers with a depth of learning that builds real-world skills.   (Note: This question is for CTE teachers only!  Please select your top-performing senior for your pathway). 


Graphic communications:       

Mnbongya Xavier Wilondja 

Cosmetic Services:       

Ariell Hayes &   

Meylin Diaz Hernandez 

Pharmacy Tech:       

Dalaa Obaid 

Emergency Medical Technician:       

Jazz Beach 

Accounting & Finance:  

David Pugh &  

Yesli Guerra Valle 

Administrative Services:        

Bosco Bembereza 

Nursing Assistant:       

Eleftheria Kountouratzoglou 

Early Childhood Education/Childcare:        

Azyrria Thompson 

Computer Science:        

Joana Niombo 


Mahki Jordan 

Homeland Security& Emergency Prep/Criminal Justice:   

Jakelin Duran 


Lucy D. Hernandez PAZ 


Demetrius Stokes 

Construction & Development:   

Rodriguez Izaguirre, Jeysel A+ Work Always*************/& 

De’Asia Eberhart – Most Improved 

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