Telling my story

by Francine Moke

Things happened to me when I was in Uganda and this is my story.

One day I was with my friend at home.  Then, there was one friend that came to pick us up to play soccer.  We went to the playground.  There was a crazy woman who was always sitting near the road.  We were playing and then the crazy woman threw us something like a small ball.  One of my friends took it and started to play with it.  Then he said that it started to get hot and it was burning his hands.  We all came to see what is happening, so at that time we saw it.  It was made of steel and other metals.  One of my friends said that he knew what it was because he saw it in the movie, and it kills.  The one who was playing with it said that he’s lying to us.  We ran far away after we heard that it kills people.  There were two who remained there playing with it.  They were throwing it with each other.  So, in a few seconds they threw it down.  Then it exploded.  One died and the other broke his leg.  We who were far away had some small metal fragments enter our bodies.

At that time we couldn’t hear anything because it was so loud.  The ambulance came and took us to the hospital.  I was at least okay, but others were in bad condition.  There were about ten children who were playing soccer.  They took the crazy woman to jail and they found out that she was not actually crazy; it was her mission to kill us.

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