Are video games bad for you?

By Ziara Jones

X-Box controller
( Photo: Ed g2s )

Most people think that video games are bad because they affect kids and adults’ brains and health. Kids sometimes don’t want to eat or fix themselves something to eat, or if they have to go to the bathroom they would wait a couple of minutes and then they would go. They don’t have the time to do anything.

However, there are also good things about video games. Some games can even be very educational and help you learn.

According to Joanne Orlando, a writer for Curious Kids, “Children like video games because they are fun and because they can be challenging. You have to solve problems, work out the best moves for your character, and decide how to use your equipment and supplies in the best possible way. Making all these decisions can be exciting.”

People at Patterson High School have given their opinions about video games. “Children like video games because they are fun and because they can be challenging.”, said freshman Marquis Jones.

Nonetheless, many parents are concerned that their child might always choose to play a video game instead of playing outside and getting exercise.

Like most things, video games are best enjoyed in moderation. As long as you keep a good balance and don’t spend too much time looking at a screen, playing video games can be a healthy way to relax and maybe even learn something.

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