Patterson students take charge in Annapolis!

By Brionica Jackson

Patterson High School students took a 3 day trip to Annapolis from Saturday, April 27 through Monday, April 29 to participate in the Maryland Youth in Government program. They were able to stay at Hotel Annapolis for the weekend.

The students had choices to participate in one of the following activities: court, press, Senate , House, or delegate. They were able to act out the different roles of our government. Students were able to vote: electing the next Governor, Secretary of State, and Lt. Governor. They were able to exercise their opinions on the bills that they put out, sign petitions and more. Students wrote bills, fought for them, and helped bills get signed by their elected Governor.

The students even dressed professionally for their acting roles. Attendees were able to go to a banquet where the seniors in the program were awarded a graduation gift for being a senior and being in the program for two or more years. The seniors of Patterson who went on this year’s trip include John Dingzon and Brionica Jackson. The students received a red, white and blue ribbon. When I asked John Dingzon ” How did it feel to be graduating from Maryland Youth and Government after all this time?” he responded with “I was proud of myself!”

Kayla Holeman is a freshman and it was her first time going to Youth and Government. Although she didn’t have time to speak on her bill she enjoyed her time there. She said that next year she can’t wait to do it again. She enjoyed the atmosphere of the program and meeting new people. It looks like Kayla will be the next senior graduating from Youth and Government from the Patterson High School delegation!

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