Jonathan Ogden Club Explores Princeton University

Brionica Jackson

Jonthan Ogden Club gets a tour at Princeton University. (Coach Kelley)
(Coach Kelley)

Students in the Jonathan Club went to the number one school in the nation, Princeton University, on April 5.

The club traveled two hours and thirty minutes to Princeton, New Jersey, to visit the school. When the students arrived there, they ate pizza in the cafeteria while some students even brought food from the school. During the trip the students walked around the school and got a tour.

Coach Kelley, Academic Coach and teacher adviser for the Jonathan Ogden Club said, “it was great to expose our students to an Ivy League College and show them how hard they have to work to get accepted.”

Ms. Edler set up the trip and brought some juniors to see where they could be in the future if they apply themselves.

Kumatchu, a junior here at Patterson, says, “It was great to see a school like that. Before, I didn’t even know what Princeton was. When I get my SAT Scores back I might even apply there.”

The trip to Princeton has inspired students to think harder about their goals for after high school and what they need to do to achieve them.

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