High school seniors more likely to suffer from depression

By Brionica Jackson

(Photo: Ahovsoyan , Creative Commons)

Why are students not doing so well in school? Why is it that Senior year is the year that students’ GPA tends to drop? Why is it that some students struggle with more behavioral issues than other students?

One reason is depression.

I conducted a survey for students at Patterson High School, and it turned out that out of the four different grades, Seniors are the ones who are facing depression the most. Based on this short survey, 53% of the students are stressed due to family issues. Things that are going on at home are causing the students to be upset.

Most issues that students develop come from how the students were brought up and how their living situations are in the home. The things that happen at home are what is causing kids to act out. When it continues or the problem expands, students began to feel numb to the feeling of loneliness. They start to feel nothing and that causes them to become depressed. When that happens, they begin to lose interest in things. Stress and pressure leads students into a depressed state of mind.

Seniors are going through more stress and pressure as they worry about meeting graduation requirements, getting into college, and preparing for the transition to adult life. That is one of the main reasons why seniors tend to be more likely to become depressed than the lower grades.

If you are feeling depressed or stressed out, see the school psychologist, Ms. Gaither, in the Media Center or other staff members for support.

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