Girls basketball team defeats Lake Clifton

By Moses Jeuronlon

The Patterson High School varsity girls basketball team defeated Lake Clifton High School in a home game with a score of 21 to 19 on Feb. 8.

The game was not really crowded but that turned out to be a big advantage since the place was hot.

The game was very interesting and engaging. Lake Clifton was the first to score in the game, but not long after that, Patterson tied the score and eventually passed them. The Lady Clippers did not keep their dominance for very long before they were overtaken again. After Lake Clifton surpassed Patterson, they maintained their lead for most of the game. The Lady Clippers scored points but never passed the Lake Clifton girls.

While the game went on at that pace, it approached the final quarter. In the last 40 seconds, with Lake Clifton leading by one point,  Tyshenna Avery saved the day with a three-point shot and ended the game with a victory for Patterson.

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