Boys soccer team wraps up successful season


Coach Callahan gives a pep talk to the varsity boys soccer team (Photo credit: Moses Jeuronlon)

Dasia Whitfield

The varsity boys soccer team at Patterson High School has completed another successful season. The team had a total of 8 wins, 3 losses and 2 ties throughout the season.

I know that coaching can be very challenging because it is not easy trying to get the players to actually stay focused and make sure that this is something that they are willing to commit to and make sure that they are willing to give their all throughout practice and the game. Yet a good coach knows that if being part of the team is something that the players really want, then they will show it and put forth their best effort.

Mr. Callahan, the varsity boys soccer coach at Patterson, says that “the toughest thing about being a coach is finding the players that are going to be committed to coming to practice every day”. This is the toughest part for him because if you don’t have committed players then you won’t really have a team.

One of the team’s biggest highlights this past season was that they made it to the regional finals. Some of the lowest points of the season were when they lost to City without scoring any points, and also when they lost the regional finals to Hereford by a score of 5-0.

When asked if he had any players on the team that were his favorites, Mr. Callahan responded, “My favorite players on the team are the people that come to practice everyday and are working harder to get better.”

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