Students tour battleships on Fleet Week

By John Dingzon

AFJROTC cadets and students from the homeland security pathway took a field trip for fleet week to the Inner Harbor on Monday, October 1,  where they learned more about fighter jets, other aircraft, ground vehicles and ships.

They also learned about military life as well as how to join the military and the application that they need to fill out if they are interested in joining the military later in their future career.

The military personnel talked about their experience in the military, including any battle experience and whether it was reserve or the front lines, as well as the eligibility to enter the military.

Ms. Brett and Ms. Knowles were the chaperones that led the field trip. The students and cadets had the opportunity to see not just American Navy ships but also international ships from other countries, including England, Australia, France and Germany.

The HMS Monmouth was present from England and as well the U.S.S. Milwaukee from the American Navy.

Most of the military personnel were on shore leave but others were in transition to different ships to report for duty and get ready to ship out.

Overall, students learned a lot on this field trip and enjoyed getting to see the ships.

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