Homecoming game brings alumni to Patterson


Patterson played well and came very close to winning the game. (Photo credit: John Dingzon)

By John Dingzon

Patterson High School’s homecoming football game occurred on Saturday, Oct. 13th. Patterson played against Edmondson Westside. There were Patterson alumni from previous years that came to watch the game and it was also the class reunion of other previous classes.

School Principal Mr. Benton and Assistant Principal Mr. Alukwu were also there and enjoyed the game.

“Today we have a good football game.” Mr. Alukwu said.

The game was well-attended with students, staff, teachers, former football players, school police officers, former faculty members and alumni all there to cheer on the Patterson Clippers. The game was enjoyable and although Patterson was defeated, it was still a good football game and the athletes put on a good show.

There were moments during the game that Patterson football team had some great plays and looked like they might win the game.

Many of the people came for the game, while others came for the class reunion.

The alumni and other previous students all agreed on one thing:

“Everyone is accepted and they are considered family, whether old or new student.”

Patterson Varsity Football Coach Larry Mitchell said, “The only thing that I was concerned about for the team was where their focus was at and their communications”.

Coach Mitchell had the football players prepare by practicing during the summertime.

“Usually for Homecoming day/senior day we try to start preparing for the game months ahead of the game.”

In the end, Patterson narrowly lost the game to Edmondson by a score of 14-12. If Patterson had managed to win the game, then they would have made it to the playoffs.


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