Weapons do not belong in school

By Moses Jeuronlon

In school, one of the most important things next to education is the safety of the students, teachers, staff, and administrators. But how do they protect themselves? Should the teachers carry guns in school? Should the students carry guns as well?

Well, that sounds like a very reliable way for them to protect themselves. However, that solution has its own drawbacks, such as the misuse of the guns and the mayhem it could cause.

“Teachers would not know how to use the gun properly and if a gunman came in the school, they would panic and start shooting everywhere”, said Jacob Itner, a senior at Patterson High School.

We always hear the news about students shooting and killing people in their schools. If the students were prevented from bringing a gun to school in the first place none of that would have happened.

Not all students in schools are mature and responsible enough not to misuse the weapon they may have for self-defense. Some school shootings can result in people dying an unfair death. School should be a place where students should go and learn in peace and leave in peace. The safety of the students and staff should be taken into consideration by the school board to ensure they are learning in a safe environment.


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