Patterson students inducted into National Honor Society

By Moses Jeuronlon

Several students at Patterson High School were inducted into the National Honors Society on Dec. 7, 2018. Students brought their parents to watch them and celebrate.

The school had tried to start the program in the past but it was unsuccessful. This school year some students were able to achieve this very difficult feat.

According to Ms. Ericka Edwards, an English teacher at Patterson High and one of the co-advisers of the program, said, “It was long awaited and students deserve that honor.”

The students in the program were chosen based on their academic achievement. According to Ms. Edwards, “GPA, service to school and involvement in activity” are all criteria of being part of the society.

Anta Ndiaye, a student in the National Honors Society, said, “I feel honored and proud of being a member of the National Honor Society.”

Principal Vance Benton and Student Government President John Dingzon each gave a speech to thank the parents and the students and told them to keep up their hard work. Other dignitaries and special guests were also present to honor the students, including City Councilman Zeke Cohen.

The ceremony lasted for half an hour and refreshments were served at the end.


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