Boys soccer team wins overwhelming victory over Lewis


A player from Patterson pushing the ball going to score on Lewis (photo by Moses Jeuronlon)


By Moses Jeuronlon

The Patterson High School varsity boys soccer team devastated Reginald F. Lewis in a shut-out game with a score of 8 to 0 on Oct. 1st, 2018

They played on Patterson’s home field. Goals were being scored every five minutes. Both coaches kept giving instructions and changing team plays. The game was played on a quality vs. quantity basis. Patterson had more players than Lewis, but the Lewis had players who were very good at ball control.

Coach Dan Callahan said, “No-one played well in the game and most credit should go to Lewis the goalkeeper for saving all the balls that should’ve been scored.”

Patterson’s team really had a lot of players and they should have scored a lot of goals. But, they missed goals that should have been scored and lost balls that should have been theirs. Also Patterson had a really good defense and kept the ball away from their goal.

The field didn’t have a lot of spectators, unlike how it usually is when there’s a football game or basketball game. One thing that both teams had a problem with was the lack of communication between team members on the field. When the ball is in the air coming down for either side to receive it, multiple people can go there for it and they can mostly lose the ball to the other team because they didn’t talk to each other on who should get the ball.

The game lasted for 90 minutes. It started at 3:45 and ended at 5:15. Patterson was well-organized and was ready with their best 11 players ready to go on the field. When the coach was asked how he chooses his starting players he said, “I choose guys who will help the team win and I look to see who showed up most at practices.”

It was a very interesting game to see the fight between quality and quantity.

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