Stand up to bullying!

By Essence Talley

What is bullying? Bullying is typically a way to force someone to do what one wants. Bullying can occur on social media or in person.

People get bullied for different reasons, such as jealously or wanting to have power over other people. Bullies might pick on you because of the way you look, a rumor they heard, or a simple argument.

“It may make people feel better about themselves”, explained Valerie Flores, a senior at Patterson High. Valerie recounted her own story about being bullied in the past.

“I told them to stop but they didn’t, so I I told an administrator”, Valerie explained.

Mr. Licier, an assistant principal at Patterson High, explained one of the reasons people don’t fight back against bullying.

“Because [they think that] if they ignore it, it might go away. Some people aren’t comfortable with conflict”, said Mr. Licier.

If you are experiencing bullying, go to an adult for help or call the command center at 443-984-2000.