Why high school students should play sports (OPINION)

By Christian Pietrowski,

In my opinion, everyone should play a sport in high school. Students should play a sport because it helps keep them focused.

If a high school student plays a sport it will help their grades improve because you cannot play if you have more than one “F” on your report card. This rule helps students because students will work hard to be able to stay on the team that the students work so hard on.

”After-school opportunities are enriching experiences for students.”, said Ms.Cook, a graphic design teacher at Patterson High School. “They are often the hook for students to stay engaged in school. They also provide hands-on opportunities for team-work and leadership.”

Senior Alvaro Flores added, ” High school sports can help athletes prepare for college and help them be seen and it can help students stay focused in school.”

Even if you are not a star athlete hoping to get a full-ride sports scholarship, getting involved in school sports can still be a fun and rewarding activity that helps you succeed in life.

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