The difference between love and lust

By Justist Rice,

Love and lust are very confusing and similar things. The difference between the two is not that hard or complicated to figure out.

First, let’s start with lust. Lust is a strong physical attraction you have for a person. You experience lust before love because before you get to know someone what draws your attention to that person is physical features. When you lust for someone you see them in a sexual way, you feed off their physical features that you are most attracted to like their smile, or if you think they’re really attractive even their body structure could be one of those things that attracts you to that person.

Love is a totally different thing. Love is when you’re not just physically attracted but emotionally attached to that person as well. Love is a spiritual thing, a feeling that comes from your heart. Love is like a drug; its like an addiction. You start to feel like you need that person, and if you don’t have them then you feel incomplete.

It’s always good to have both of these things in a healthy relationship. If you have love with no lust in a relationship you will soon start to grow bored with your partner. You’re going to feel like that spark you had is slowly dying out. If you have lust with no love your physical attraction to that person will soon be the only thing that matters.

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