Girls track team feeling good this season

By Alvaro Flores-Villegas,

This season the head coach of the girls indoor track team, Mr. Smith, is feeling very confident about how his team is built. “I [am] confident because I have a captain, Timiera Toland, now in her 3rd year, who is an outstanding runner” said Smith.

Coach Smith also said that he has more 3rd year runners coming back and newcomers coming to practice everyday. “I have some additional veterans who are in their 3rd year with Toland–Wanda Acevedo, Kibra Buluts, and Brianna Hope. We have some dedicated newcomers that come every day that will help our team become great”.

The team as strong as it has ever been, and has been showing some very deep improvements over the past years. Hopefully the newcomers will give them the extra strength they need to make it to the championship together as a team.

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