Patterson swimming team defeats NAF

By Sartre Ndebaneza and Christian Pietrowski,


Photo: Sartre Ndebaneza

Patterson swimming team made history by beating NAF (Nation Academy Foundation) with a score of 48 to 16 on January 10th.

It was a challenging meet for NAF’s swimmers, who had half the number of swimmers as Patterson. Patterson has a full team, well prepared to get victory. Coach Mahoney said, “The game was wonderful, [they] have been working hard to prepare for this game and I am very happy.” Patterson swimmers did a great job in each round of competition.

For the other side, things were tough. NAF coach Elaina Kriz stated, “The meet was good, but I have a small team.” NAF swimmer Steven Southerland added, “It was difficult but we had a small team.” Fatigue was the major reason NAF lost against Patterson. NAF was represented by three players.

Winning this match gave the Patterson swimming team the opportunity to participate in City Championships at Coppin State. This is a good time to show their talents, but it can be a stressful moment when competing against the best teams. This championship will require the Patterson team’s full attention and a lot energy to embrace challenges in the match to overcome them.

Coach Mahoney said, “I am going to work hard and make sure students are listening.” The Patterson swimming team coach has a lot of strategies to use during meets, but she believes that she also needs a keen communication with players.

Photo: Sartre Ndebaneza

Photo: Sartre Ndebaneza

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