Lady Clippers dominate the court

Patterson vs. Digital Harbor Photo: Lionell Green, Patterson Press)

Patterson vs. Digital Harbor  (Photo: Lionell Green, Patterson Press)

By Justist Rice,

The mighty Lady Clippers varsity girls basketball team have really proven themselves to be one of the most lethal and progressive teams in the league so far. These ladies have gone undefeated: they pulled a strong win from Digital with a score of 37 to 34; they won against Benjamin Franklin, 37 to 26; and with two forfeits from KASA, the Lady Clippers leave with a record of 4 and 0. To keep this winning streak going, the Lady Clippers needed to defeat Douglass away. I had no doubt they could do it, and predicted another win for the mighty Lady Clippers.

They did it again, pulling a strong win from Douglass, defeating them with a score of 52 to 19. Sidney Lanahann, the team’s shooting guard, said, ”We played our hearts out out there. We left everything we had out there on that court, and this is not the end for us. We will keep this winning streak up, I promise.” Strong words from Sidney, or shall I say, “Sid the Kid,” her nickname.

Coach Kelley, the head coach of the girls’ basketball team, had this to say when she felt as though the ladies weren’t doing the best that they can do: ”What is going on? We only have an 11-point lead. We are far better than these girls. You’re letting them think they can play with us. We should be blowing this team out by at least 30 points. Come on, girls, get your head in the game.” Her words really motivated the Lady Clippers because after that they took a lead of 33 points, and won the game.

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