CNA students promote breast cancer awareness

Cancer Awareness Booth (Photo: Mikal McCoy, Patterson Press)

CNA students sponsored a breast cancer awareness booth (Photo: Mikal McCoy, Patterson Press)

 By Mikal McCoy,

Students from Patterson High School’s Certified Nursing Assistants CTE pathway promoted breast cancer awareness in October by holding a fundraiser and educating their fellow students.

Breast cancer is a nationwide problem. A large group of people, mostly women, some men, are affected by breast cancer. Every year over 200,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and people across the country, including here at Patterson, are raising awareness about breast cancer, an abnormal growth of cells in the breast area.

Students who are a part of the CNA pathway walked around the school selling items, near the cafeteria, such as hats, pencils, pens and bracelets, which cost five dollars. The proceeds of these sales went to fund breast cancer research. Students also educated the Patterson community about breast cancer awareness.

“I think everyone should take part in the awareness movement; it could prevent people from getting breast cancer”, said Marina Siebor, a student at Patterson. Students have been supporting the CNA students’ efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer by listening to them speak and purchasing and wearing items that represent breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer is a serious issue that affects us all. Taking small steps can help prevent breast cancer. Developing and maintaining a healthy diet can help prevent breast cancer and other harmful illnesses. Water, fruit, vegetables and other nutritious foods are all ingredients that support the body by building up its defense system. Another way to help prevent breast cancer is to get regular check-ups by a doctor who specializes in that particular area. “Early detection is the best prevention”, said Ms. Wongus, a teacher at Patterson.

Showing support, maintaining a healthy diet, and having regular check-ups are small steps to defeating breast cancer.

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