Author speaks to students about surviving rape

By Mikal McCoy,

Kenneth Rogers, author of “Raped Black Man,” visited Patterson High School on Dec 13, 2016, to talk to students about rape survivors.

(Photo by ) Mikal McCoy Patterson Press

(Photo by ) Mikal McCoy Patterson Press

Ms. O’Brien, 9th grade English teacher, created an opportunity for the ninth grade cohort to meet author Kenneth Rogers, who has published a variety of books. Students sat down with Mr. Rogers and they had a discussion about rape survivors.

“Rape is about power, control, and dominance,” said Mr.Rogers. The discussion answered questions such as, why do people take advantage of others? How are rape victims affected from their experiences? And, what are steps taken for recovery? Ms. O’Brien also invited Mr. Rogers to talk about his published books such as “Raped Black Man,” a memoir about Mr. Rogers’ past experience.


Patterson students sit in a circle while listening to Kenneth Rogers talk about his book (Photo: Mikal McCoy)

During the discussion, students sat in a big circle, while Mr.Rogers read from one of his books “Raped Black Man.” As he read, students listened intently to Mr. Rogers speaking about his emotionally disturbing past. Everyone was interested in his stories, including teachers. “His story is meaningful to me in many ways,” said Ms. O’Brien. After his reading, he took questions from freshmen.

Kenneth Rogers is an African American author. Some books he has published are titled “The Diary of Oliver Lee,” “Sequence,” and “Raped Black Man.” Mr. Rogers is a father and educator who works with youth to raise awareness about rape abuse for women and men.

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