Baltimore City Schools should have more interactive field days

By: Christian Pietrowski

Baltimore City Public schools aren’t as interactive as people may think. I think every city school should have at least one field day where the students go outside and play games and interact with each other. In other Maryland districts every school from elementary to High school do field days at least once a year.

If City schools would have field day for every school in school violence would decrease by 23% according to Baltimore city public schools. According to BCPS the main reason the city hasn’t pursued this is because parents are afraid of the neighborhoods and scared of what would happen if their kids where outside for 3+ hours. A couple states have made this move and made it mandatory for every school to have at least 1 field day per school year. A state that has done this is Ohio and according to in school violence for the worst schools decreased dramatically.

According to Amadou Bah, a student at Patterson High School, “it would be a great thing for schools to have a field day at least once per school year because then students can get out and get exercising and get stretching and active”. Ms. Masati, an English teacher at Patterson High, says “Yes, but students should also have a hour of activity and movement every day.”

I think every school district in the country should pursue this it really would help build bonds between students and teachers.

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