Parent Life Club Provides Support For Teen Parents

By Dabria Brown & Joselin Miranda,

Are you a new parent or expecting to become a new parent? If you’re having problems or need help or support with your child, there’s a group called Parent Life that can help. Parent Life is a group that helps and gives you advice with your child. They help you set goals, they talk about self-awareness, etc. If you might need help with anything like providing for your child, they’re there. One call and they’re on their way.

Parent Life meets every Thursday from 12-1 pm in room 206. In Parent Life, fathers and mothers who go to school attend the meetings when they feel they want to; it’s not mandatory. If you’re an expecting parent or already a parent, you can attend. It helps you get through whatever you are experiencing. They’re there to support and give advice. Some people may be shy or uncomfortable talking in front of others, but everyone is nice and understanding. Parent Life is part of a bigger project that involves people outside of Patterson High School. Ms. Hope is the advisor for Patterson and she helps out with the girls inside this school. The person who came up with this club does not work at Patterson.

Editor’s note: below is Joselin Miranda’s personal perspective

In the meetings, we talk about things people feel they need to know about their baby and the growing stages. They always provide snacks to the people attending the meeting. When attending the meetings, you get to know people who are teenage parents just like myself and go through the same thing as me. I learned many things from the meetings I’ve attended: we talk about how babies grow, how they may feel at their age, and what things they should be doing in their months. The adults in the room always make you feel welcome and at ease when they’re around. They never judge you by the decisions you make.

The members always make dates with the babies and the parents when out of school: for example, going to the park and having a picnic and going to places to get items needed for the baby. When being a young parent in school, it may be hard and tiring, but attending the meetings makes you less stressed out during the day. Whenever I need someone to talk to or help, I always have the number from the group leaders; I can text any time and they answer the questions I have.

For more information about Parent Life, talk to Ms. Hope in Room 206.

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