The Election of 2016


Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump (photo is copyright free)

By Faran Nadeem,

As we all know, the election of 2016 is only a couple days away. This time it’s going to be big. The reason for that is some people still don’t know who are they are going to vote for.

The Narrator, also known as Tyler Durden (a famous actor and artist), says on his website, “Voting for president is like picking out which gun you wanna get shot from”. Amadou Bah, a student at Patterson High School, chooses Donald Trump because he says, “Its better to have an idiot rather than a criminal”. On the other side Sartre Ndebaneza, another Patterson student, chooses Hillary Clinton because according to him, “bad is better than worst”. So maybe this time people don’t have a favorite person they are going to vote for; they will just choose the one which they think is the lesser of two evils.

There is an interesting debate going on between the two candidates, Trump and Clinton. Donald keeps bashing Clinton about her emails and Clinton is bashing Donald by calling him a bully. According to BBC News,”Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has looked past a fresh inquiry about her emails to label Donald Trump a ‘bully’ who insults women.” Also according to the BBC News, Clinton is about 1% ahead of Trump in the polls (11/06/16).

It’s your right to vote. Everyone who is 18 or older should go and vote for the candidate you like the most.

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