Seniors learn communication skills at PGC retreat

PGC Poster (Photo: Mikal McCoy)

PGC Poster (Photo: Mikal McCoy)

By Mikal McCoy

Seniors who are participating in this year’s PGC program went on a retreat from October 12th-14th to help them prepare to work with 9th graders. PGC, which stands for Peer Group Connections, is a group of 12th graders who are learning communication techniques. PGC leaders are mentors to the 9th graders.

Some of the responsibilities of PGC members are to follow all school rules and go to all their class. Recently, 12th graders that were a part of PGC went on a retreat where they learned different tactics and why it’s important to communicate with others.

  During the 2nd week of September, PGC leaders were on a retreat for 3 days and 2 nights in Towson while their classmates were at school. One of the purposes of the retreats was to gather leaders together so they could learn about communication skills. “I learned how to communicate and listen to others, including 9th graders”, K. Lopez, a PGC leader said. When 9th graders transfer from middle school to high school, change can be surprising. Like most of us, 9th graders go through a lot of stuff that they would love to talk to someone about. That’s when PGC leaders are there to save the day. Communication is important; many problems can be solved if we simply communicate. “Communication saves relationships”, singer/rapper Drake says in his song, “Poetic Justice”, featuring Kendrick Lamar. PGC leaders are training every day to learn how to better communicate with 9th graders to create a brighter Patterson High School. Communication is key, but not everyone is willing to communicate.

Using communication skills helps get things done. In an organization or your everyday classroom, people have to communicate in order to complete tasks. Not communicating can have a negative impact on your environment. According to Al from, “It is very frustrating when you want to talk something out with someone and the only response you get is, ‘I don’t know,’ or ‘I don’t want to talk about this,’ or worse, an icy-cold stare laced with a fake smile”. Sometimes we as students (and people in general) feel like there is no one we can talk to. PGC leaders are taking a class to prepare to work with 9th graders, communicating with them to solve problems and build relationships.

PGC advisors Mrs. Stiles and Mrs. D’agostino have been meeting every day with PGC leaders, guiding them to become better communicating leaders. This is the third year of PGC, and students are working together to communicate their way through the future.

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