Baltimore Ravens make a surprising coach cut


Head Coach Marc Trestman at Chicago Bears training camp in 2014. (Photo: Jim Larrison)

By Christian Pietrowski,

The Baltimore Ravens have made some surprising cuts to the team. The most surprising cut was when the Ravens decided to cut the offensive coordinator Marc Trestman. Marc Trestman was fired less then 24 hours after the Ravens lost their second straight game  after a 3-0 start. So when he was fired, Marty Mornhinweg, who used to be the coach of the quarterbacks, was promoted to offensive coordinator.

Marty will make the Ravens 5th offensive coordinator in 5 years. Coach John Harbaugh said in a ESPN press conference, “he was fed up with losing and something had to be done about it”. Marc lasted a year and 5 games with the Ravens. Coach Harbaugh thinks Marty will change the offence for the better. Most of the offence squad/team is mad because they all say they just wish they could find a offensive coordinator that will be good and just stay with the team so the offence doesn’t have to memorize different plays every 6 months. The offence thinks Marty is the man for the job. Marty has been with the team for two years and the team trusts him with the job.

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