Patterson Boys Soccer team off to a good start!

Patterson player has the ball (Photo: Patterson press)

Patterson player (Andy) has the ball (Photo: Patterson press)

By Alvaro Flores-Villegas,

Patterson Varsity Soccer is off to a 2-0 start, demolishing City and Digital. Both the team and the coach have so many things to improve on to make it to the championship finals. So I interviewed coach Callahan during the game and these were his answers.

Coach Callahan exclaimed, “We practiced all last week to prepare.” The Coach has put the team through a lot of training and practice in order to get better and to beat City, the outcome of which was a 2-1 win. However, Callahan also said, “I would also like better attendance at practice.” Not many of the players show up to practice. This will probably affect how they play during the season. “Defense and Goalie are my two main concerns”, he added.

These are the team’s weakest point right now. But if they can improve these points then the team will be solid and could make it pretty far in the playoffs. So far the team is looking good this season. Their next home game will be against Poly in Early October. GO CLIPPERS!

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