NFL uses virtual reality to enhance fans’ experience

By Christian Pietrowski,

The NFL is in the process of changing the way technology is being used. According to CNN Student News and MetLife stadium, the New York Jets and the New York Giants are the first to do a lot of technological advancements.

By using virtual reality, they have a booth set up where people can play the NFL game live in virtual reality where it looks like the fans are on the field. This new technology has brought millions of new fans to the stadium to try it out. Other NFL stadiums are in the process of trying this out to bring in more money.

Also there’s a option you can see what it is like to soar 1000 feet over New York City while sitting in the passenger seat of the iconic MetLife Blimp.


MetLife stadium

So the next time you are at MetLife Stadium make sure you try this unique experience! The experience is free but you can only have up to 5 minutes to do it so everyone has a chance to experience this new technology. The New York Jets are hoping this technology will spread to every NFL stadium.

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