Girls soccer team off to a rough start

By Morgan McCaffity,

The first girls soccer game of the school year was held at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Poly) on Tuesday, September 6. Despite losing 0-9, the girls still have faith in each other and are eager to play their next game.

One of the main defenders on the team is Justist Rice. She thinks the first game of the season was okay, but it could’ve been better. “Working together and talking is something we have to work on”, she explained. When asked about her favorite position and what inspires her to play, Rice responded, “Defense is my favorite position because I like the responsibility and helping the goalie. [What inspires me is] being able to stay active, and be on such a diverse team knowing that we can all stick together”.

The team is determined to get better. “For [our] first time I think we did good together but like I said earlier, if we had more communication and worked a little harder we might have won”, Rice reflected.

For the next game, Clippers fans expect the girls soccer players to work harder and communicate more to get their first win of the season.



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