Volleyball team takes 2nd place in city-wide championship

Lady Clippers volleyball team (Photo: Gary Antoine)

Lady Clippers volleyball team (Photo: Mr. Gary Antoine)

By John Dingzon and Coach Heggins,

The Patterson  Varsity and JV Volleyball teams, coached by Mr. Murray and Ms. Heggins came in 2nd in the Baltimore City Volleyball Championships this past fall. This season was better for the Lady Clippers than last year. The boys and girls teams (the Lady Clippers and Clippers) both had outstanding records this season:  10:4 and 9:4.  Last year, the teams both had a rough season. This year, they worked harder and practiced a lot; giving them their most memorable season in a while. If it wasn’t for the returning Lady Clippers from last year, the team wouldn’t have been so successful.

Both teams also had athletes to go on to the Baltimore City Volleyball Showcase after the regular season. Outstanding players from all the city teams made up an East side team and a West side team and they played each other. Senior Hannah Cangco represented the Varsity team while 10th grader Timiera Toland  and 9th grader Nicole Ekity represented the Junior Varsity team. The Varsity team went on to participate in the State Volleyball 1st round playoffs defeating Overlea  High but lost to Dunbar  in the 2nd round. Several players will be returning next year and the team is looking forward to a City Championship takedown next season.

Mr. Murray’s team got the highest score for this year and made it to the top ; the ladies efforts helped them achieve success. Mr. Murray said that he cannot pick  the teammates who are the best in 6 out of 6 players because they were all good  at playing b by using teamwork during the game. Mr. Murray told the Patterson Press, “My advice for those ladies out there who would like to play girls varsity volleyball is to come so that we can teach you how to play and contribute to this team, joining the success that we have had from this year.”

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