Teacher Talk: May 2015

By Xavier Williams,

In this month of May we celebrate great things and one of them is preparing for high school graduation. In the next few weeks, many students are going to be leaving school and entering the future. So I decided to ask teachers what they are going to miss the most about your graduating seniors. And here are the answers:

IMG_7959 It is hard to generalize about such a diverse group. I will most miss individuals, their humor, good nature, hard effort, struggle and energy. I hope to not miss them too much, because I hope many will stay in touch and others will read and hear about the great things they accomplish. 

-Mr.Baron (U.S. History/Psychology Teacher)

IMG_7960 I have had the opportunity to teach some students of the 2015 senior graduating class in chemistry and physics. I will miss the cordiality of a few of them who often stop by to show gratitude for the support and rigor that was accorded them that helped them move higher in terms of being career-focused. I wish them the best as they take a leap into the next phase of life.

-Dr. Ekeocha (Chemistry & Physics Teacher)

IMG_7963 I will miss all of the seniors who have been such a big part of the Patterson Press this year. It has been a privilege to work with them on creating the school newspaper and to get to know them outside of the classroom setting. It’s a different dynamic when you can step out of teacher mode and work together as a team. I hope they will stay in touch. It’s going to be hard rebuilding the news crew next year, but hopefully our underclassmen will step up to the plate and continue this proud tradition.

-Mr. Pesa (World History Teacher/Patterson Press Faculty Advisor)

This is my last article and my last time being with the Patterson Press. Thank you and goodbye.



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