Teacher Talk: January 2015

By Xavier Williams,

Welcome to the New Year and the first month of the year, which is January! On this month to mark the beginning of the new year I decided to ask some of the teachers in the school,”What is your New Year’s resolution and why?”. Here are the answers.

My New Year’s resolution is to allow students to undergo activities that will help enhance their scientific writing skills. I hope to be able to elicit or encourage them to read more and be able to come up with argument supported by evidence from texts that they’re read and phenomena that they’re examined and observed in the lab.


-Ms. Samar (Chemistry and Environmental Science teacher)

  My New Year’s resolution is to reach my goal in losing weight, get my finances in order and quit smoking.


-Ms. O’Brien (Flores) (Heritage Spanish teacher/staff developer)

  My New Year resolution is to be fluent enough in Spanish to have a Spanish only conversation).


-Mr. Scott (English teacher)

 Next month’s question will be: “What do you love the most about Patterson?”








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