Clipper Corner Predicament (OPINION)

By Taj Beatty,

I love going to the Clipper Corner (Patterson’s school store). However, the teachers don’t necessarily want us to chew, eat or drink anything that we buy from the Clipper Corner. You know we all have multiple teachers that will not hesitate to say, “No Gum! No Drinks!”. Yet when they sell it at the Clipper Corner you think, “Oh–they sell gum, so I guess since they sell it, I’ll be able to chew it in class”. So where does the confusion end?

Studies show that when you chew gum while taking notes on a test, if you chew the same flavor of gum during the test, it”ll help you remember your notes. Crazy, huh? Well, I guess teachers just want us to rely on pure brain memory, and to see if we’re actually paying attention.

So don’t be mad at the teachers, they’re just trying to do their part. If you want things to change, ask your teachers and Coach Kelley about this Clipper Corner predicament.

While you’re at it, ask yourself another question: Do your health and gym teachers want you to eat unhealthy snacks before class starts? The candy and chips cause loss of energy and tire you out. You wouldn’t want that–especially if you have a swim meet or a football game. In fact, in all sports we all know that we need a lot of energy and fuel to dominate and destroy the other team. You don’t want to pay the price and lose the game. So maybe eat some fruit and drink some milk.

Still, everybody wants a tasty candy bar once in awhile, which is why you should get your snacks after school ends so you can have it as a treat to yourself, knowing you survived another day of school. Just make sure you make it to school fast enough to get to the Clipper Corner. That’s one more reason to get to school early!

Those are my thoughts on the subject. Do you agree? What are your thoughts? Spread the word and we’ll figure out the Clipper Corner Predicament!

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