Mindful Moments program teaches students breathing techniques and more

Students and Mindful Moments staff members practice breathing exercises in a circle (Photo: Shane Braden, Patterson Press)

By Nasheira Johnson,

Patterson High School has partnered with a group called the Holistic Life Foundation also known as the Mindful Moments Program to help students learn about their inner selves through breathing exercises, yoga and plenty of other methods.

The Holistic Life Foundation is a Baltimore-based nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in undeserved communities. In the 2013-2014 school year members from the group contacted Mr. Benton to see if he was interested in the program. He decided that this program would be a great opportunity for not only students but staff as well.

This program is a great asset to our school. Not only are the methods from this program used at school but outside of school. In fact Mr. Benton practices these procedures from this program with him and his son every morning. He believes that these methods help better himself. The staff of the Mindful Moments Program who work at Patterson High School are very helpful. They talk to students about their problems and also give them advice.

I spoke with a few of the staff members from the program and asked them their opinions about the program. Sideaque is one of the staff members here who works at Patterson High School associated with the mindful moments program. She used to work at John Hopkins hospital and felt that she was no longer interested in the job she was doing, She then started applying to many places. Her goal was to work with younger people. One day she received a text message and was given an opportunity to work with the program. Sidaque believes that this program benefits all students. “We want students to change the world by changing themselves”, she told the explained. She encourages all students to try this program because it will help them do better and concentrate more.

Larry and Oba are two other associated with the Mindful Moments program at Patterson High School. They enjoy practicing the exercises with students in the room and sharing ideas with them. They had been practicing yoga for about thirteen years and decided that helping students better themselves would make their lives easier. Students in this program believe it is very helpful to them. This program keeps them from doing wrongful actions and leads them to be positive.

Latoya Morris is a student here at Patterson High School who believes this program is helpful.She says she comes here to get everything off her chest. Her goal is to master yoga. Before this program many students used to fight but now because of this program they are more relaxed. She recommends that all students here at Patterson should at least try to participate in the program.

For more information about the Mindful Moments Program please visit the Mindful Moments room right across from the nurses office.

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