Inside the girls soccer team

(Photo: Patterson Press)

By Kibra Brutus,


This year I’m playing soccer, and I think we are doing well this month. Last week we won a game with Dunbar. The score was 7- 0, and they were mad enough to fight, but our coach, Mr.Cox, took us to our locker room. It was funny because they all were really mad, but the game was just for fun. They didn’t have to get mad. Anyway, last Thursday we had a game with Digital, and we beat them by 4-2. The first time we played them it didn’t make sense because they scored 6 goals, but we only scored 4.

This Monday we had a game with Western, and we played really hard because most of them knew how to play. In the first 40 minutes we scored 3 goals, and we were really good. In the second 40 minutes we scored only one because the other team had gotten better. After we scored one, the other team got the ball, and my friend, Reema, was on defense she went straight to the ball. But the other girl was coming to get the ball to, they both crashed and Reema got hurt my friend, Renee helped carry her off the field.

Then when we finished the game my friend Reema, couldn’t stand up because her knee was hurting her. I think Coach Cox called 911 and they came to take her. I was really really sad because she had to go to the hospital by herself. They didn’t let anyone go with her, when she went there she stayed until 1:00 AM and they gave her crutches to walk with.

The thing that makes me really mad is she can’t play the last game with City, and were done after that. I don’t want to lose because I want to make Reema happy. I hope we’ll win and our next game is on Thursday, 16th 2014 i’ll do my best to make Reema happy with our best team.

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