Community Partner Profile: Jonathan Bradley

Mr. Jonathan Bradley, founder of Cristata Cares (Photo: Jamal Artis, Patterson Press)

By Jamal Artis

Patterson High School partners with a lot of people in the community. One of the most important ones is Mr. Jonathan E. Bradley.

Mr. Bradley is a founding board member of  Cristata Cares, Inc. He began his work with Cristata Cares, due to the disparity of wealth, savings, and mentoring within our Baltimore community. Cristata Cares, Inc.’s mission is to work with students and community in mentoring financial literacy, lifeskills, career development, and self-improvement (grades and attendance).

Cristata Cares has worked with Patterson High School since 2012, Cristata Cares first endeavor was to sponsor a book for students interested in medicine or a health related career.  It was a book signing and speak featuring Dr. Alfredo Quinonnes MD, neurologist at JHU, he spoke and shared with students his life in his book “Becoming Dr. Q.”  Since the initial event PHS has become a key partner school for Cristata Cares.  Mr. Bradley is on campus at least one day per week, many times working with fellow board member Mr. Matthew Wyskiel.  Cristata Cares has sponsored or hosted guest speakers ranging from rappers to epidemiologists to entrepreneurs.   The purpose is to help students to dream or have a vision of a better tomorrow.

Cristata Cares has worked closely with Principal Vance Benton, Coach Kelley Bagdasarian, Coach Heggins, Ms. Shannelle  England, and Ms. Loretta Kavanaugh and administrators, faculty, or teachers in seeing where  Cristata Cares can serve or work with Patterson and its community in helping PHS to reach its long term goals of becoming a top tier school.  Some of their activities or developments is, giving students who perform gift cards as an incentive, a live shopping exercise that encourages students to stretch their dollar through use of coupons, investment savings incentives, and establishing a small endowment seed fund for promising PHS alumnus who are facing financial challenges in pursuing a college or technical degree, and coaching the golf team (which he was not able to do this year due to lack of transportation) but is planning a golf club for Spring 2015.

One key milestone that has been reached in working with Patterson High, is launching an investment club to encourage students to save, the investment club meets after school and is in its fourth semester, the club has averaged 15 students per semester.   The PHS investment club rewards students who perform well compared to their peers.  The students learn how investments perform in various market cycles, compounding of interest, and other investment considerations or decisions.  Cristata Cares is pleased to continue its work with Patterson realizing that much work needs to be done in assisting and mentoring students to help give them the best opportunity to live or achieve their dreams.

Mr. Bradley is very thankful to Patterson High and in having board members who work and believe in a bright future for kids who are willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. The Patterson Press would  like to thank Mr.  Jonathan Bradley  for  taking time out of his schedule to talk to us.

With files from Jonathan Bradley.

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