Maasai Warriors Visit Patterson

Masai warriors perform a traditional dance in the media center (Photo: Laxmi Magar)

by Rama Goloco

There were Maasai warriors dancing at Patterson High School in the Media Center on November 12 . All of the dancers were men, but they looked like women because their traditional clothing resembled dresses. They came from a country in Africa called Kenya. The mountain district called Kirinyaga is where the Maasai live. They are a popular and traditional culture.

The dancers wore traditional red hunter’s clothing like great warriors. They carried shields, staffs and other items from their culture. They were singing, dancing and jumping.  When they jumped, they made a roaring sound with their voices. They really know how to jump all way up to the top!

Their visit was a precious thing because it helped the students in the US to know about different countries in Africa. That day a lot of the students enjoyed the performance. It was a fun day.


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