Why do some students walk the halls?

A student sits in a stairwell instead of going to class. (Photo: Jamal Artis, Patterson Press)

By Nashiera Johnson,

Every day, numerous students at Patterson High School are found roaming the halls as if they have nowhere to go. All students belong in classrooms during each period (except for lunch) but instead some decide to walk the halls. Many students believe that they do not feel welcome by either their teachers or peers but that is not an excuse; the conflict can always be resolved.

Most students would only attend a class they are interested in. If a student finds a class uninteresting, then most likely they would not go to it. All teachers agree that it is sad that students cut class and minimize their learning time. Ms. Edwards believes that the rules at Patterson High School should be stricter. She always asks students why they aren’t in class when she notices them in the hallway.

“I don’t understand why students walk the halls,” said Mr. Latanishen told the Patterson Press. “There is nothing to do out there, so it would be better for them to stay in class.”

Some students were willing to talk about the problem of walking the hallways. For instance, a student named Blake said, “I think it is good because it gives me time to think. If I am mad and I need to get away from everything I leave the classroom and go into the halls to take a walk.” Although there may be some truth to this statement, there are more productive way to deal with stress, such as asking for a pass to the Mindful Moment room or visiting a school counselor.

Too many students nowadays do not realize how important education is. They do not take it seriously. Education is free but not enough students take advantage of it. Hall-walkers are a symptom of this problem.

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