Girls soccer team destroys Western

Teamwork was the key to winning this game. (Photo: Shane Braden, Patterson Press)

By Shane Braden,

The Patterson girls soccer team won at home against Western 4 to 2 on Monday, Sept. 13th. They played hard to get the win and will continue to work hard to win upcoming games. The four players that scored a goal were Sha’Qwanna Carter, Keydi Pinto-Olivia, Vigueur Kibinda and Anna Zawacki. All of these players helped the team to win.

“They were really good. We lost the first time [in an earlier game against Western] but won the second”, said  Morgan McCaffity, one of the team members.  “I think I did a good job when helping Sha’Qwanna score a goal”, she added. Although the girls soccer team has had some tough games this year, they never gave up and the results are showing now.

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