Boys soccer team wins two shutouts in a row

Patterson player Manuel Gonzalez keeps the ball away from Ben Franklin (Photo: Shane, Braden Patterson Press)

by Shane Braden,

The Patterson’s boys soccer team won against Benjamin Franklin by a score of six to nothing on Monday, September 29. The game was held at home on Patterson’s soccer field.

Each goal was scored a different player. The six players who scored were: Mkwala Alenga, Abner Rivas-Lemus, Minyimkuch Odolla, Kevin Shema, William Silva Martinez and Franklin Turcios-Castro. “Everyone on the team got to play and contributed to Patterson’s victory”, explained Coach Dan Callahan.

Two days later, the Clippers won another home game, beating Mervo eight to zero.

The team had a very successful season finishing with a record of ten wins to 2 loses. Patterson won its second consecutive city championship finishing with nine wins to 1 lose in city play. The team earned a number one seed in the state playoffs and made it to the sectional finals before losing to Landsdowne one to zero.

“The reason we have won all of our games is because we stick together as a family of brothers…”, player Christopher Bowman told the Patterson Press. “We know as soon as we get on the pitch we will win because the only way to win is determination and being together as a whole”.


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