“Peace and Love” is theme of this year’s door decorating contest

Ms. Bridgeforth’s door, 1st place winner (Photo: Shane Braden, Patterson Press)

By Tamika Addison,

The SGA hosted a Door Decorating Contest in February with the theme of Peace and Love because it was Valentine’s Day.  Ms. Bridgeforth’s class (Rm#212) won first place.  Her door decoration was pretty, with hearts and stones. The 2nd place prize went  to Ms. Holter’s class (Rm # 210). Her door was nice with pictures of two people and hearts with glitter.

Ms. DeRosa (Rm #217) and Ms.Frank (Rm#158) tied for 3rd place. Ms. DeRosa’s door looked very nice with pictures of students proposing with candy rings. And Ms.Frank’s door looked great with hearts with students’ names on them and a ship. All the students who participated in the Door Decorating Contest enjoyed showing off their talent and creativity.


(Photos by Shane Braden, Patterson Press)

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