Girls basketball team finishes successful season

Patterson girls battle their opponents for control of the ball (Photo: Regina Bell, Patterson Press)

By Tamika Addison,

The Lady Clippers are a winning team. Patterson girls prepared for basketball success by conditioning every day: running, ball handling drills, and shooting. They got their players to work hard and as a team. They practiced every day for about two hours. They worked on many different basketball skills: shooting, dribbling, defense. Sometimes the coaching staff would play against them to simulate a “game-like” atmosphere.

In terms of basketball skills, the team’s star player, Shamia Clay, is able to play two different positions: guard and forward. Tanesha Smith is their best shooter. Renee Ober is their best rebounder. Meleigha McCall is a tough defender. Arenesha Jefferson also has a lot of potential. Coach Kelly’s entire bench is solid. Their dedicated team practice has paid off this season. The team has won more games than they have lost. This season, they have defeated Havre de Grace, ACCE, KASA, and Douglass. They lost to Chesapeake.

On December 17, 2013, the team played against Havre de Grace. They played well and beat a county school, which is always good for them.  Arenesha Jefferson had 6 points while Shamia Clay had 24 points and 20 rebounds.


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