New group connects motivational speakers with latino students

By Makenzie Reyes-Schettini,

Our school has the privilege to participate in a new group called Palante for Spanish and English speaking students. The word “palante” means moving forward in Spanish and that is exactly what they do! Many students take their free education for granted and don’t really think about their education. This group brings in people who have been through many challenges and succeeded in accomplishing their goals.

During a meeting last fall, Patterson High’s students from Palante have met many extraordinary people. There was Alicia I. Arbaje, who is a geriatric medicine specialist and health services professional at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Students also met Andres Anirt Gonzales, who is the co-founder and director of marketing for the Holistic Life Foundation, Inc. He is also one of the founders of the Mindful Moment program in which our school has the privilege of taking part in. Another speaker who came to the meeting was George Julnes, who has a doctorial degree in psychology. Lastly, there was Patricia Omana, who is the regional outreach manager for the connector entity of Healthy Howard.

What do all these people have in common? They are all latinos who have started with nothing and reached extraordinary heights. As they told their stories they didn’t forget to give us advice to keep focusing on our goals. So remember, don’t give up no matter how hard it may seem!

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