To Eat or not to Eat?

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By Destiny Diggs,

Being overweight has become a growing epidemic. You hear about all the health concerns that come with being overweight: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes,etc. But is it as easy as it sounds to be and eat healthy?

Money wise its much cheaper to eat unhealthily. It is much cheaper to go to McDonalds and get dinner for four than to go to the grocery store and buy and prepare a healthy dinner. Going to fast food restaurants is faster to get than making breakfast.

The media contradicts themselves; they tell us to eat healthy but then they play an ad about two for one deals at Burger King or Wendy’s. We are being told that processed food isn’t good for us and we should look into more organic foods (which are the most expensive) but we send our kids to school where they are fed processed foods for lunch. When the food is delivered to the schools it is already made. The only thing the lunch ladies have to do is heat the food up and serve it.

Why are we feeding our children this type of food? We do it because it’s cheaper and less time-consuming. This is not to say that being healthy isn’t a good thing but we must look at the entire picture. If there is a family of six and they only have one income coming in, the cheapest way to eat is fast food or microwave food.

This is just something to think about but free ways to help prevent weight gain include drinking water, trying to exercise at least for thirty mins a day and watching our portions and eating in moderation.

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